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Sesame snaps

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Cream Fudge


Tradition and quality since 1945

Since 1945, the air at the very heart of Łódź has been filled with the tempting smell of sweetness coming from our factory, which is known for its commitment to tradition and quality of sesame products. Today, Unitop is not only the key producer of halva and sesame snaps in Poland, but also one of the major players on this market across Europe.
Moreover, the company is a well-known exporter of Polish confectionery, such as cream fudges, wafers and caramels. The share of export in the company’s annual turnover amounts to approximately 75%. Nevertheless, Poland is one of the key markets for the company’s development.

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Amki Snacks – healthier sweet snacking for a good start!
In early October this year, we had the pleasure of being one of the partners of the “11th Tauron Running Festival” in Krynica-Zdrój.
Sesame on the Christmas table – in what form?
Christmas is just round the corner! It is a time we spend with our families, and the Christmas spirit encourages us to share unique snacks and sweets.
Halva is back in fashion – why do Poles love it?
Halva is a sweet treat that Poles like and cherish, but its classic form is has somewhat been forgotten.