Who we are

Since 1945, the air at the very heart of Łódź has been filled with the tempting smell of sweetness coming from our factory. Known for its commitment to tradition and high quality products, Unitop has not only become the largest producer of halva and sesame snaps at home in Poland, but also established itself as a key producer for sesame snaps in Europe.

In addition to our sesame-based snacks, Unitop is known globally as trusted exporter of Polish confectionary including cream fudges and wafers. While exports amount to approximately 75% of the company’s annual turnover, Poland remains one of the company’s key markets.

Tradition and quality since 1945

We owe the high quality of all of our products to our strict guidelines governing the raw materials we use, the high standards we hold our final products to, and the expertise of our dedicated confectioners, many of whom have worked here for decades. As a result, we have been granted International Featured Standard (IFS) food safety quality certification as well as Kosher certification.

For us, it comes down to the quality of the sesame seed. The seeds we select are held to a higher standard than generally accepted in the industry, which means that even a single stone found in a delivery consisting of several tons of seeds, warrants rejection of that delivery.

When it comes to making our signature sesame snaps, we use the African sesame seed, which is renowned for its unique, sweet flavor and high quality. Further setting our sesame snaps apart from the rest, is the fact that we roast our seeds prior to production, which enhances both the taste and the crunchiness of the final product, but is not common practice among other producers.

The size of seeds is also an important factor in the outcome of our sesame snaps. The bigger the seed, the crispier the snap, so we make it a priority to choose the biggest, fullest seeds we can find, which gives our snaps their characteristic, “CRUNCH!”

Likewise, the sesame seeds that form the paste or tahini that we use for our halva, go through the same rigorous selection process, with additional attention paid to the color of the seeds. Even a few dark seeds can adversely affect the product. The texture of the tahini is equally as important as color so we source ours from experts in Turkey, who are renowned producers of world-class tahini. When you choose Unitop halva, know that you are choosing one that is made according to the highest standards of quality and taste in the industry.

You can find our products all over the world

Thanks to our extensive experience, ingenuity, and commitment to taste and quality, we have proudly partnered with the largest retail networks in both Poland and abroad.

As a result, sesame snaps produced by Unitop are appreciated on nearly every continent and can be found in more than 40 countries across the globe, including the US, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia.

We believe
in sustainability

As one of the largest producers of halva and sesame snaps in Europe, we adhere to the principles of environmental protection. The packaging for of all our product lines is recyclable, which is extremely important to us. We also eliminated palm oil from our production process, as its extraction is so damaging to the global environment.

We support
our local community

We strive to support the community immediately surrounding our factory in Łódź, As such, we regularly deliver our snacks to local children’s homes and children’s welfare foundations. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided additional assistance to the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Memorial Provincial Specialist Hospital in Zgierz and to the Marek Edelman Food Bank in Łódź. We also support local health enthusiasts, among them, founders of the initiative, DrogaWolna, by sponsoring the Biegi Wzniesień Łódzkich (Running the Hills of Łódź), event among other similar family events.

Our history

In April of 1945, engineers, J. Serwaczyk and T. Tarasiewicz, founded a company that produced artificial honey under the name, ZakładyPrzemysłowe Optima (Optima Industrial Plants). Even though we no longer produce honey, the plant at ul. Struga 61, now operates under Unitop and the “sweet” story continues.