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Amki is a brand offering delicious and crunchy sesame snacks that are healthier alternative to traditional sweets. Amki brand was created in Poland in 2006. Few years after, the brand was sold already in few different markets: in some European markets, USA, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Brand name has tasty and pleasurable connotations (who was not saying ‘am’ during feeding in the childhood?!). At the same time, the word is a close shortcut from polish ‘sezamki’ that means ‘sesame snaps’.

Amki TO GO is a modern brand created with active individuals in mind. The wholesome sesame snacks are perfect for on-the-go consumption, whether on your afternoon coffee break, post-workout, or while hiking through the woods. Loaded with sesame seeds, Amki TO GO snacks are a good source of dietary fiber, are gluten-free, and have a short list of simple ingredients. The products are manufactured from specially selected sesame seeds that are roasted prior to production, which gives them their satisfying crunch. Amki TO GO has been recognized in several industry and consumer contests.

Amki Superfoods are sesame bars with the added nutritional benefit of puffed whole grains. Made with honey and only a few other natural ingredients, the innovative bars have a high content of essential unsaturated fatty acids, are high in dietary fiber, and are gluten-free, which categorizes them as a SUPERFOOD. The brand has received two awards in industry contests in Poland and was recognized at the ISM 2020 Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany, as one of 150 top innovations of the year.

Sesame Snaps is another flagship brand of Unitop, with a leading position in the Canadian market. The brand has enjoyed strong consumer trust and popularity since its introduction in the 1980s. Sesame Snaps is valued for its high quality products with exceptional taste and as such, has become a trend-setter and quality benchmark for the category in Canada.

Unitop halva is hand-kneaded according to traditional methods, which accounts for its exceptional taste and characteristic fibrous texture. The careful selection of the sesame seeds used to make the tahini—the base of Unitop halva—profoundly impacts the taste, smell and color of the final product. Unitop halva consistently receives the highest ratings in consumer sensory tests.

Mini halva is the bite-size version of our traditional halva, developed in response to consumer trends and the growing demand for small, individually packaged snacks. Eating mini halva is a quick and convenient way to treat yourself throughout the day. The brand has been nominated for a “Food Innovation” award in a consumer contest in Poland.

Brązowy medal

Unitop’s Luxury Cream Fudge has developed a cult following since its inception in 1966, and is particularly popular in Saudi Arabia where the brand and the product are considered a flagship commodity in its category. The sumptuous product, made from real butter and left to age until the perfect texture is achieved, continues to receive the highest ratings in sensory tests and independent consumer contests across Saudi Arabia.

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