Handmade halva

It has no substitutes. Your craving for taste-like-home delicacies can only be satisfied with halva!
At Unitop, halva is always handmade to ensure the distinctive delicious texture and taste you remember and love. Our ingredients, including the tahini, are of the highest quality. Using traditional methods, they are paddled together and kneaded manually, to create the caramel like consistency that cannot be replicated using industrial processes. With 11 popular flavors and a vast range of packaging formats to choose from, you can be sure our halva will satisfy the sweet tooth of those looking for that one-of-a-kind crispy treat!

Why is kneading halva manually, important?

Tahini mass and the other ingredients that go into our delicious halva is kneaded using a large oar-like paddle, by experienced specialists. The manual kneading process is key in achieving the proper texture of the final product because it leads to the formation of caramel fibers, on which tiny particles of sesame pulp accumulate. The caramel fibers are what prevent the halva from crumbling when cut, allowing it to maintain its shape and texture. By contrast, automating the production process cuts the fibers, which adversely affects the experience of slicing and enjoying the treat. All of our halva varieties are marked with the Ręcznie wyrabiana (Handmade), sign on the packaging, setting it apart from other brands on the market and guaranteeing the exceptional quality and taste that Unitop halva is known for. Moreover, consumer sensory surveys show that our manually kneaded halva beats its mechanically-made counterparts in taste tests, with the respondents describing it as having depth of flavor and better overall quality.

Unitop halva: a rich variety of flavors and formats

Unitop proudly offers the widest variety of halva flavors and formats on the market. Our most popular flavor is vanilla but customers can also tempt their sweet tooth with chocolate-glazed and “fantasy” (vanilla and chocolate swirl), versions, as well as varieties containing cocoa, nuts, and dried fruit. All of our halva is available in different formats so that it’s tailored to a variety of consumer needs, whether for individual consumption, for sharing, or for gifting. During the Christmas holidays, we offer a special editionswith dedicated holiday graphics on the packaging.

At the opposite end of the scale, Untiop innovated the halva category by creating convenient, “one-bite” Mini halva, comprising individually wrapped bite-size portions of the delight, available by the piece or by weight. Particularly popular with younger consumers, Mini halva play into the idea of self-care and the importance of treating yourself during the day. The mini format’s portability and bite-size, in fact, was recognized in the Food Innovation category as “Best Product – Consumers' Choice 2020.”

What is halva made from?

The main ingredient in halva is sesame paste, otherwise known as tahini. We source ours from Turkey where producers enjoy a reputation for making some of the best tahini in the world. The seeds that go into our halva by way of tahini are put through a rigorous selection process that looks at quality, size and color, ensuring that the final product is perfect every time. The unique, fluffy texture of halva is achieved by adding protein to aerate the halva mass. At Unitop, the expert confectioners use a combination of egg white and soapwort root in a precise ratio that they have perfected over time. Importantly, our halva, along with the rest of our products, is free from palm oil because its extraction has such a negative impact on the environment.