Handmade halva by Unitop

Halva has no substitutes – the desire for this delicacy can only be satisfied by halva itself. Our halva keeps its original taste and characteristic crispy and fibrous texture due to manual kneading according to traditional methods of production. Younger generations appreciate the modern, more convenient form of Mini-Halva. Larger packaging varieties are also popular, especially if we want to share the delicacy with others.

What is the process of manual kneading about?

Tahini mass and the other ingredients necessary for the production process is literally paddled, i.e. stirred using a special large oar-like ladle, which is the responsibility of experienced specialists. This is the key to retaining the right texture of the final product, and the process of manual paddling leads to the formation of characteristic caramel fibres where the tiny particles of the sesame pulp accumulate. The taste and quality of halva depends on the quality of raw materials, expert knowledge and experience of the specialists who knead the product. By retaining the caramel fibres, halva does not unnecessarily crumble upon cutting, which makes it possible to enjoy its taste and keep its aesthetic look while serving. Automation of the production process cuts the fibres, which adversely affects the aforementioned characteristics. Each variant of our halva is marked with the “Hand-made” (Ręcznie wyrabiana) sign on the packaging, which is our distinctive feature as well as guarantees the best quality and taste. Moreover, consumer sensory surveys show that our manually kneaded halva beats its mechanically made counterparts, and the respondents additionally describe it as having a more tempting flavour and better overall quality.

Unitop halva – a rich variety of flavours and forms

We offer the widest variety of flavours and forms on the market. In terms of flavours, the most popular choice is the vanilla-flavoured sesame halva. Our offer also contains products with added cocoa, nuts, dried fruit and nuts, as well as the “fantasy” halva (a combination of vanilla and cocoa) and halva glazed with chocolate. The products are available in different forms of packaging tailored to a great variety of consumer needs, such as individual consumption, to be shared with others, or offered as a gift. During the Christmas period, our offer also contains a special edition of vanilla halva in a 250 g form closed in a cardboard box with specially designed Christmas graphics, as well as in a form of a 400 g halva cake.

Our next innovation in the category is also the Mini Halva in a convenient “one bite” form. It contains small, separately packed portions available by the piece or by weight. This is exactly the form that addresses the contemporary needs and expectations of younger consumers, and is particularly popular with women. While larger forms encourage consumers to share the delicacy with others, Mini Halva is an ideal solution when we are looking for an original and convenient option for “a sweet pleasure” during the day. The mini format can always be kept close at hand and consumed whenever we want, without any concern about getting our hands dirty. The brand was recognised in the “Best Product – Consumers' Choice 2020” survey in the “Food Innovation” category.

What is halva made from?

The main ingredient of halva is sesame pulp or paste known as tahini. We obtain tahini from Turkey. They are experts – like nobody else in the world – know how to produce it! Our halva is made from specially selected sesame seeds that guarantee not only the incredible taste and adequate texture, but also the right colour. Even a few darker seeds may have a negative impact on the final effect. Hence, it is so important to us. How do the remaining ingredients influence the taste and quality of halva? For instance, the fluffy texture of halva is guaranteed by the protein that aerates the product. To achieve this, specialists use chicken egg white or a common soapwort root. To offer the best final effects, we use a combination of these two ingredients in adequate proportions. Our products are free from palm oil, the extraction of which is damaging to the environment.