Sesame snaps – healthier sweet snacking alternative

As we start feeling hungry during the day, we often choose quicksweet snacks without a reflection. However, empty calories won’t help us at all! What do we need to feel better and more motivated to act? Constantly increasing popularity is being enjoyed by healthier snacks that provide the body with such beneficial substances as dietary fibre, protein, essential unsaturated fatty acids, while being glute-free at the same time. This is exactly what our sesame snaps are like: loaded with highly nutritional sesame seeds, made with only a few natural ingredients, and gluten-free.

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Sesame snaps in many tasty versions

Our sesame snaps are known for being super thin and super crunchy – features especially valued by consumers all over the world. We achieve this by special selection and exceptionally high standards for sesame seeds and a special process of roasting them that is not always a standard for other producers. As a real expert with over 60 years of experience, we have developed more than 30 flavours for our sesame snaps – rich opportunities to build relevant portfolio for every market and seasonal occasion.

Another interesting type of snacks we offer includes our innovative and deliciouscrunchy sesame bars with puffed grains and honey. They are available in four flavours: with buckwheat, millet, quinoa and amaranth grains. They are primarily targeted at consumers who need a quick and healthier alternative to sweets and expect an added value in the products they buy, such as the beneficial properties of sesame seeds and grains, and at the same time prefer a modern and highly convenient form.

Our sesame snaps and bars are small and handy for on the go, not melting in your pocket like chocolate or soft bars, perfect serving size for a snack below 200 kcal. All that makes it a great snacking option for outdoor activities or for a tasty break during your workday. Good news is that kids also love it.

Sesame snaps offer a convenient form for daily consumption of sesame seeds – learn more about its properties

It is worth eating a handful of sesame seeds a day if we are looking for a valuable source of energy full of essential unsaturated fatty acids, protein and dietary fibre. A convenient way to provide your body with the daily dose of sesame is the sesame snaps. Sesame has an abundance of health-promoting properties, as it is rich in nutrients beneficial for the human body. This glute-free superfood is a good source of dietary fibre. Moreover, sesame seeds are 50% vegetable fats, with the majority being essential unsaturated fatty acids necessary for the body to function properly, especially Omega-6. The dietary fibre from sesame seeds reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, thus having a positive effect on the lipid profile. It is often said that the presence of dietary fibre in the body is almost as significant as a proper amount of water. Even if for this reason alone, it is worth eating a handful of sesame every day! The seeds themselves also have a high protein content (as much as 18 g per 100 g of sesame), which is comparable to or even higher than that in chicken eggs. They also provide a good source of calcium because the same amount of sesame seeds contains approximately 130 ml of this macroelement, and this is slightly more than in 100 ml of milk!

"Sesame also contains a lot of other microelements necessary for the maintenance of proper body functions, including phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and selenium. The presence of lecithin improves memory and concentration, while the antioxidants – sesamol and sesaminol – prevent cancer and slow down the ageing process. The same elements make these tiny seeds an excellent solution against infections, as they enhance the body’s immune system. It is not without a reason that sesame is used in traditional Chinese medicine as a remedy for common cold and persistent cough (thanks to its antitussive effects). Moreover, it regulates blood pressure, prevents the formation of blood clots, and promotes the production of urine. It is also helpful in constipation and haemorrhoids, as well as strengthens the bones, teeth, hair and nails. It also contains a series of valuable vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin E and B vitamins. This is not the end of the “magical” and health-promoting properties of sesame. The seeds also contain tryptophan, a compound necessary for the synthesis of serotonin and melatonin. A handful of sesame a day should help us overcome sleeping problems and depression" – says Celina Kinicka, a dietician.

It is therefore all the more worthwhile to get stocks ofsesame snacks– they are definitely a healthier alternative to standard sweets.